- Cambodia Tradition Product -

Wine bottle cover of Khmer traditional style ( カンボジア伝統衣装のワインボトルカバー )

Adaptation bottle : Bordeaux & Burgundy type (適応ボトル : ボルドー, ブルゴーニュ型)


Made in Cambodia

Standard color  :  white, red, gold, blue, green, purple

We have this product’s design license by Ministry of Industry in Cambodia, so the copying of third party is prohibited.

当製品はカンボジア工芸手工芸省から意匠ライセンスを取得しており, 当製品の第三者のコピーは禁じられています。

For a long time we have been fascinated by the designs of Khmer traditional costumes like Apsara and Sampot. After a trial term for a while, we produced a wine bottle cover of our own design with the motif of Khmer traditional costume as a new souvenir for tourists in Cambodia. The accessory is carefully hand-stitched in details.


User's manual (取扱説明書)

- Easy to wear - [only 3 step]

1. Main body (本体)

Please cover the main body on a wine bottle, and wrap the hem around a bottle, then fasten it with the velcro.


                     *Please adjust the main body size by folding the velcro of hem depending on a bottle size.

                     *ボトルサイズに依り, 裾のマジックテープを一つ分折り返して本体長さを調節してください。

2. Belt (ベルト)
Please wrap the belt according to the center.

 中心を合わせ, ベルトを巻いてください。

3. Collar ()
Please cover the collar according to the center, and adjust the center line.

中心を合わせ, 襟を被せ, 全体の中心を整え完成です。


Movie : How to wear 

Also, we can make a custom-made by other fabrics, so please contact us if you wanna ask about it.



Wholesales are also available, so please contact us if you have any requests.